Black Crystal Opal Enhancer Pendant

Black Crystal Opal Enhancer Pendant

Price: SOLD!

P214 - This stunning and exquisite Black Crystal Opal Enhancer Pendant is carved from a single piece of   Lightning Ridge black solid opal rough.

It is created to complement with either that special necklace or simply wear with that favorite chain or similar.

Flashing & rolling fire of neon emerald greens, green-golds and electic blue-greens greet the eye at every angle.
With the face of this beautiful Gemstone being carved with gentle undulating and flowing curves, the fire and colours turn and play with every movement of the stone.

The back of the opal has been left in it's natural state whilst the face of this stunning Gem was revealed by carving away the top layers of base black opal, thereby showcasing these lovely vivid colors for the very first time!

The Enhancer Bail is high quality hallmarked sterling silver which is hinged at the top and unclips at the bottom behind the opal, with an inside fitting clearance of  5.7mm.


Overall Length of Enhancer Pendant: 24.0 mm
Length of Opal:
16.2 mm
Width of Opal: 15.3 mm
Opal Thickness (Avg.)
3.0 mm to 2.0 mm
Enhancer type, hallmarked Solid Sterling Silver

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