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Australian Two-Tier Opal Earrings
 With High Quality Top Gem Opal ! (E220)

Australian Two-Tier Opal Earrings

Price:  SOLD!

An exquisitely brilliant pair of matching very high quality top Gem doublet Opal & Solid Gold Earrings.

Created with a high visual appeal & great comfort for ease of wear throughout the day.

The opal used in these earrings is top shelf Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Opal, the top tier emerald greens are absolutely neon brilliant & the bottom tiers of these earrings play brilliant reds, red-oranges, gorgeous blues & some greens.

The shephard hooks are fashioned from Australian Solid 9 ct. yellow gold with all gold chenier accents & bottom gold caps hand fashioned with same.

The opal doublet backing/earring bodies are handcafted from jet black leadlight glass with all opal & black glass being professionally cut & polished to absolute mirror perfection.

Please note that the way our permanent opal doublets are created ensures that they will never diminish in colour play, clarity or brilliance - EVER!

A Visually Stunning pair of Earrings of Elegance & Fire !

Top Gem Doublet Opal & Gold Earrings
Two tier Sheppard Hook Dangle Type
All Metal:
Australian Solid ( 9 carat yellow Gold
Earring Length:
30.0mm (overall)
Opal Doublet Sizes:
Top tiers: 6.0mm x 4.2mm x 3.3mm thick
 Bottom tiers: 9.0mm x 14.0mm x 4.5mm thick.
Opal Colours:
Top tiers: Emerald Greens
 Bottom tiers: Reds, Red-Oranges, Blues & Greens.

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