Australian Opal Silver Pendant
With Natural Lightning Ridge Gem Opal - P358

Natural Australian Gem Opal & Silver Pendant

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Price: Aud. $140.00

The neon brilliant Gem Crystal Opal in this pendant is very striking in it's rolling flash play of electric sea green-blues!

Mined on the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, Australia, this genuine natural Australian Gem Crystal opal doublet pendant, with it's boulder backing, has been drill set with a solid 925 Sterling Silver Bail.

Very eye-catching!

Genuine Crystal Opal Doublet & Silver Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Weight: 3.0 carats (exclusing bail)
Opal Origin:  Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Overall Pendant Size: (incl.bail)
19.0mm high x 8.0mm wide x 4.5mm deep
Electric Blue-Greens
Brightness: Brilliant!
Pattern: Rolling Flash

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