Australian Gem Opal Pendant
With Natural Cooberpedy Opal - P360

Genuine Australian Gem Opal Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful & dazzling Australian Gem Opal Pendant created from CooberPedy AAA Gem grade Crystal Opal, backed to a pendant body of Queensland Boulder Opal & drill set with a solid 9 carat Yellow Gold bail.

The vibrant & intense opal colours play across the face of the opal in a brilliant broad rolling flash display & pattern!

This opal plays brilliant violet reds, electric blues of many shades, electric greens, some oranges & green-golds.

An Opal Pendant To Be Noticed!

Genuine Australian Gem Opal Doublet &Gold Pendant
Solid 9 carat Yellow jGold
Opal Type:: AA Grade Crystal Opal
Opal Origin: Cooberpedy, South Australia
Pendant Weight:
8.6 carats
Full Pendant Size:
24.2mm x 9.7mm x 4.6mm deep
Red Multi-Colour (see description)
Brightness: Brilliant!
Pattern: Broad Rolling Flash

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