Australian Crystal Opal Pendant

Brilliant Genuine Australian Crystal Opal Pendant!

Genuine Australian Crystal Opal Pendant

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A stunning & totally awesome "top of the range" Australian Crystal Opal Doublet & Solid Gold Pendant!

The pendant opal is a flawless piece of brilliant high end AAA quality Gem Crystal Opal, permanently bonded to a pendant body of jet black leadlight glass & all cut & polished to absolute mirror perfection.

Colours at play are stunning golds, gold-greens, lemon-yellows, lemon-greens with touches of beautiful blues.

The bail is Australian Solid 9 ct. yellow gold with the gold chenier accent at the bottom of the pendant handcrafted from same.

This Opal Pendant glows & shimmers in all lights
& is a delight to wear!

Genuine Australian Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant
Opal Type:
AAA Gem Grade Crystal Opal
Metal: All Australian Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold
Opal Origin: Cooberpedy, South Australia
Pendant Body:
Jet black leadlight glass (6.5 MOHS hardness)
Full Pendant Size:
17.5mm(high) x 12.7mm wide
Opal Doublet Size:
10.0mm(high) x 12.7mm x 5.2mm thick
Colours: As in description
Broad Flash/Floral

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