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Australian Opal Rubs Rough

Individually selected Solid Australian Opal Rubs Rough suitable for the Professional and Opal Enthusiast alike!

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Rub

Presented here is a varied selection of Black & Semi-Black Opal Rubs & Rough from the renowned black opal mining fields of Lightning Ridge.

Cooberpedy Crystal Opal Rub

We also offer Crystal & Light Based Opal Rubs & Rough from Lightning Ridge & the Cooberpedy region.

A Happy Customer's Comment

" Hi Guys - just a note to say the goods just arrived and WOW they are excellent!!

Its nice to buy some high quality rough at sensible prices! I may find it very easy to spend more money in your direction!! Thanks again - brilliant rocks - brilliant service..... catch ya later.... John A. (U.K.) "

View our varied selection of Opal Rubs & Rough from the renowned black opal mining fields of Lightning Ridge & Coober Pedy.

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Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal Rubs

R038 - Price: SOLD!
5.2 carats Very Bright Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal Rubs !
Three beautiful clean solid Black Opal Rubs, N2 in body tone with 2 of the stones playing brilliant emerald greens & the third piece playing reddish-oranges golds, blues & greens.
The triangular piece measures 11.2mm x 9.0mm x 2.75mm thick.
The long rectangular piece measures 15.5mm x 5.8mm x 2.25mm thick.
The third piece measures 8.5mm x 6.0mm x 4.7mm thick.
These beautiful Black Rubs are recommended for an experienced butter to bring out the best in these lovely Gems.!

Opal Type: Gem N2 Black Solid Opal Rubs
Origin:  Lightning Ridgge, NSW, Australia
Opal Size: As shown above
Weight: 5.2 carats
Colour: 2 x Emerald Greens,  1 x red-orange multi-colour
Brightness: Very Bright !
Photographed:  Dry in Sunlight

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