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Cooperpedy Breakaways Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant PB192

All Natural Australian Opal !

Gem Crystal Shell Opal Inlay Pendant

Creating with our own national Australian Gemstone has it's own magic and mystique strongly tied in with this vast land of Australia, and we have found our own individual way of displaying this Queen of Gems for you to enjoy!

Lightning Ridge opal mining
  • Only our Natural Australian Gemstone is used in all of our jewelry creations & products, with each Gem piece being individually chosen for it's quality, stability and color play.
  • All of our Jewelry is individually & personally handcrafted to display this magical Gemstone in all it's natural beauty & glory !
  • Being a "family" business we personally source, create & manufacture all of our own products, which reflect in the genuine prices that we offer.

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2 Tier Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
A very pretty Opal & Seashell Pendant with Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal.....
A stunning Opal heart Doublet Pendant created with Lightning Ridge high quality Gem Crystl Opal....
3 Tier Crystal Opal Gem Pendant
Gem Opal Doublet Earrings...
A breathtaking & unique Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant of electric reds, violets, blues & greens.....
Intarsia Inlay Opal Pendant

A VERY RARE High Quality Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Picture Split  - 101 Carats !!

Two identical matching halves showing the laced form of a rare & exotic Butterfly in this Gem - totally, totally unique!

The wings are outlined in very bright Gem Matrix  with beautiful matching ironstone patterning radiating out from the wings & again, this patterning is laced with very bright Gem Matrix.

A Happy Customer's Comment !

Both pieces arrived extremely fast! I absolutely love these stunning pieces! This is the first time, first company I have purchased these gems online that the pieces have been true to color (even PRETTIER).

Amazing color, amazing quality, absolutely stunning pieces. Thank you! I look forward to buying more (starting to save for my next piece!). Kind Regards, Lisa (Florida, USA)

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Our Pendant Range.....

Gem Intarsia Pendant P198

In our unique Jewelry designs of Intarsia & Inlay Jewelry, the brilliant and fiery display of rainbow gem colour is accentuated & highlighted by using a contrasting background and surround of either jet black leadlight glass, boulder or Lightning Ridge black potch.

Opal Pendant Teardrop

All of our Gem Pendants are created using only genuine 100% Natural Australian Gem.

With meticulous attention to detail, each piece of our jewelry is finely shaped, cut and finished into a world class item of stunning  jewelry!

Boulder Opal Pendant

Our Australian Gem Boulder, including the fascinating Gem Matrix Boulder with it's distinctive patterns, fiery rivelets and swirls of brilliant gem, is ideal for the intricate inlaying of high quality natural gem into boulder.

Our Unique "Opals & Ocean" Collection!

The story of Australian Opal began millions of years ago when parts of Australia were covered by a vast inland sea.

Over a long period of time as the sea evaporated forming a "desert sea", silica stone transformed itself into what we know as opal…..

We have now taken our Australian Opal & joined it once again with the Essence of the Sea washed up onto our sandy shores,  marrying them into a very creative & unique Jewelry range that is purely "Oceanic Australia" at it's heart! 

Stunning & Meticulously Handcrafted Necklace & Pendant Beads For the Bead Enthusiast & Artisan Jeweller !

Are you creating your own artistic jewelry design piece and looking for that special bead to "fire" it up and finish it off to perfection... ?

Create something beautiful and outstanding with one or more of our dazzling Gems.

Our diverse range of individually created and handcrafted Australian Pendant Beads, Necklace & Circle Beads are ideal for the artisan jeweller/beader or professional jeweller - here you will find the ideal bead or bead combinations to enhance your own individual jewelry designs.

Black Opals For Sale !

Black Opal Solid

.... these were the words written on the signs that greeted me on my very first trip to the "fabled" Mining town of Lightning Ridge back in 1972...

A Black opal is a natural solid gemstone with a black or nearly black body tone.
Read about what makes our black gem so precious and view our selections of Jewelry, Solids & Beads!

Koroit & Boulder Gem Solids

Koroit Boulder Solid

Australian Boulder Solids from the Queensland Mining Fields of Koroit, Quilpie, Yowah & Jundah. Here you will discover a fine selection of beautifully cut and polished boulder solids.

Doublets & Solids

Opal Doublet

We also have beautiful Doublets professionally & precisely calibrated to a world-class standard; or choose from our diverse range of calibrated Solids and Freeform cabochons.

Rubs & Rough For Sale !

Lightning Ridge Solid BlackRub

Individually selected Solid Rubs & Rough suitable for the Professional & Enthusiast alike!

A varied selection of Black & Semi-Black Rubs & Rough from Lightning Ridge, Crystal & Light Base from the Cooberpedy mining fields.

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